A Wonderful Pairing

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Lately I have started pairing cooking with alcohol. I love cooking, I love trying new recipes. I don’t always want to do it but the practise has to start for the new year. My remedy to that is to have a glass of wine or beer to lighten me up and open my mind to creativity. I don’t think my girlfriend is going to be too happy about that part but let’s see.

I’ve also started to buy inexpensive wine just to see where my taste bud lands. I’ve only ever had one really great red wine and I don’t remember the name only that its South African and I shared it with great friends over great dinner. Someone tossed the bottle before we doubled backed. I don’t want to be stuck in white wine mode. Its easier on the palate yes, but there is so much to enjoy in other grapes.

I’m deliberate in the price point for alot of reasons. Some of which are, there are good wines at $1,000 (US$9.61), I don’t believe I need to spend $2,000 (US$19.22) or more on wine that is as young as 2012 and last but not least, its a luxury item I do not need. Minimalist living, remember.

I’ve had quite a few wines over the years but lately I’m taking the time to document them. The first in this list is Frontera Carbernet Blush (Chile)

This cost me about $1,070.00 (US$10.30). It nice and easy on the palate because of the slight sweetness to it. I’ve not had it with food but usually after a meal or during the cooking process.

The second bottle is LA Ray Red Wine (Spain). Its a blend of grapes I figure, hence the simple name. This was probably the least in cost for the three wines I’m showing today. It was probably $850 (US$8.17) at the time. It wasn’t my favourite. Although its suppose to be semi-sweet I found it to be really dry. I did use it to scrap some bits up off the bottom of the pan and that recipe wasn’t bad in the end. I had the last if it while cooking Chicken Alfredo.

The third on the list is new to me. I have not had it yet. I’ve had a Shiraz but not a Syrah. This is the Vina Maipo Syrah (Chile). This cost me $1,117 (US$10.74). If anyone knows about this please let me know.  

It just occurred to me that two of the three wines are Chilean. I need to change that for variety sake.  It might change the price point.

Today I’m testing out my new Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker I received as a pixie gift from work. Its not the exact one I wanted because it doesn’t ha,ve a timer setting. Nevertheless I’m grateful because its more than I had. I’m preparing my version of beef stroganoff and I decided that this preparation needs beer. So I had the Smirnoff Red Berry Crush. I enjoyed it. If only the slow cooker would start bubbling.

What is your preparation pairing when cooking is the last thing you want to do?

Happy Holidays